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Are you a stay at home mom?  Working hard in Corporate America?  Wish you didn't need a part-time job?  Give yourself permission to be abundant.  Some of you are sending kids to college.  Some of us went to school, got a degree, have student loans, and aren't even working in the field we went to school for.  While getting another job is an option, another job (just over broke) may not be what you need to significantly increase your income.  It could be something completely different... But you have to be open to receive it.  There are different ways to increase income and improve finances.  You have to open your mind to new ways to make money.

Foreign Exchange is a $5.3 trillion dollars a day market - the largest financial market in the world.  Up until a few years ago, only the BIG financial players like the Banks, Insurance Companies and Governments were trading Forex.  The truth is, if you have a bank account, YOUR BANK is using YOUR MONEY to trade in the Forex market right except THEY are keeping all the profits for themselves (and giving you a meager 1-2% interest per year for letting them get rich with your money).  But now, it's an even playing field!  If you'd like to learn a skill to MULTIPLY YOUR MONEY and benefit YOU AND YOUR FAMILY (instead of the bankers and theirs) then you are in the right place...  

Disclaimer: Trade at your own risk.  Results not typical.  Past profits do not guarantee future profits.

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Black poet, black author, model, pageant titleholder, international speaker, black excellence

Radesha "Desh" Dixon is the Creator and Founder of No More Broken Records®, a movement to empower women not to settle.  Her mission is to empower women not to settle and live the life they deserve; to stop the repeated cycles like a broken record.  No worries - men get love too!  She is an author, poet, model, and speaker.  She has a B.S. in Mass Communications and an MBA.  A thrill seeker and horror movie fan, she enjoys reading, the performing arts, and travel.

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